Understanding the mechanics of cancer immunotherapy is the key to fighting it

Cancer immunotherapies rally a patient’s own immune cells to defeat tumor cells, in contrast to radiation and chemotherapy, which kill tumor cells directly. This game-changing treatment is becoming increasingly recognized; though a widespread understanding of the fundamentals of this treatment option is still lacking.

As cancer continues to impact millions of people every year, understanding the fundamentals of cutting-edge treatment options is critical. Cancer immunotherapy is a rapidly evolving area of research where immunology and oncology intersect, and it is becoming a treatment option for many types of cancer patients. We at La Jolla Institute for Immunology, a global leader in immunology research, believe that basic information on transformative treatment options should be easily accessible to all.

In honor of National Cancer Research Month, we developed an informational resource about the five types of cancer immunotherapy. The brief, easy-to-understand e-guide will empower you to engage in conversations about the importance of cancer immunotherapy and some of the cutting-edge research underway today.

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