The Bioinformatics Core Facility provides support for short- or long-term projects requiring expertise the analysis of biological datasets. Our services are all-encompassing and include the analysis of large-scale datasets (e.g., next-gen sequencing data, microarrays, etc.), the development of customized databases and reusable analysis pipelines, guidance on experimental design, support with technical sections of manuscripts and grants, and training on analysis software packages. All services are charged at our hourly rate.


Data analysis

We provide support for the organization and analysis of large-scale datasets including next-generation sequencing and microarray data. We can cover all aspects of the project beginning with the raw data and ending with manuscript figures and text.

Pipeline development

We can develop reusable analysis pipelines for ongoing research projects that allow researchers to run analyses themselves as soon as the data are available, thereby increasing workflow efficiency.

Technical and Statistical Reviews

We provide support for reviewing technical sections of grant applications and manuscripts, performing statistical power analyses, and optimizing experimental designs for downstream analyses.


We can provide training on interpreting reports from large scale analyses and propose courses of action for researchers to follow on their own. If interested, users can learn how to use popular command-line and GUI analysis packages from Bioinformatics Core staff.


  Internal / Collaborators 3rd party non-profit 3rd party for-profit
Bioinformatics Services
Programming or Technical Support (per hour) $110.25 $121.28 $211.85
NGS mapping (RNA- or ChIP-seq) per hour
For data derived at the LJI sequencing core $273.00 $300.30 $524.57
For data derived outside of LJI $393.75 $433.13 $756.59
Differential expression analysis
RNA seq $210.00 $231.00 $403.52
NGS fastq generation and QC
$84.00 $92.40 $161.41