Greg Seumois

Core Director, Sequencing & Instructor
Sequencing Core

Born and bred in Belgium, I obtained an MSc in Biology (1998 -University of Mons) and a PhD in Immunology (2007 – University of Liege). In 2006, I crossed the English Channel to go learn more about human immunology and translational research in Southampton (Pr. Djukanovitch Lab, UK). It’s in UK I met Vijay with who I started to work on an ambitious program of research on T cells epigenetics in asthma. Part of our epigenetic post-doc training, we joined Mark Ansel’s team at UCSF, in San Francisco. In 2010 we accepted the opportunity to be part of Anjana Rao’s research group here in LJI. In 2012, I got promoted LJI-Instructor. Recently I took Vijay’s challenge to be part, on his side, to the development of a laboratory of Immuno-genomics in LJI. Finally, involved in the development and day-to-day management since its creation in 2013, I’m Core Director of the LJI – Next Generation Sequencing Facility.

Research Focus:
I dedicate my time and effort to develop high-throughput sequencing technologies such as single cell transcriptomic, ChIP-Seq, ChIA-PET, and many more… The scientific rational is to understand better and with a different angle, the mechanisms of epigenetic regulation of gene expression in (rare) immune cells, pathologically relevant in many diseases such as asthma, SLE, tuberculosis…

Career Goals:
As an independent research group leader, I aim to develop innovative ways to investigate, understand and, ultimately, cure human diseases.