Simon Eschweiler, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
Immunotherapies have become crucial treatment options for a variety of cancer types. However, fewer than 30% of people respond to a given therapy. Hence, as low efficacy and widespread immune-related toxicity severely limit both treatment efficacy and combination therapy options, there is urgent need to develop novel immunotherapy targets with an improved efficacy and safety profile.


My overall research goal is to assess the clinical validly of specific immune cell subsets identified in our previous studies as novel cellular targets of cancer immunotherapy, develop and/or test immunotherapies that selectively target these cells and rationally combine these therapies with existing treatment options for optimal efficacy while eliciting minimal toxicity. This is the focal point of my research program, aimed at devising and testing novel immunotherapeutic strategies through mechanism-guided approaches. My lab thus strives to translate promising preclinical findings into meaningful therapies and further test their validity in early clinical trials by closely working with established collaborators and by building new clinical connections.

Featured publications

May 1, 2022 Nature
Intermittent PI3Kδ inhibition sustains anti-tumour immunity and curbs irAEs
Simon Eschweiler, Ciro Ramírez-Suástegui, Yingcong Li, Emma King, Lindsey Chudley, Jaya Thomas, Oliver Wood, Adrian von Witzleben, anielle Jeffrey, Katy McCann, Hayley Simon, Monalisa Mondal, Alice Wang, Martina Dicker, Elena Lopez-Guadamillas, Ting-Fang Chou, Nicola A Dobbs, Louisa Essame, Gary Acton, Fiona Kelly, Gavin Halbert, Joseph J Sacco, Andrew Graeme Schache, Richard Shaw, James Anthony McCaul, Claire Paterson, Joseph H Davies, Peter A Brennan, Rabindra P Singh, Paul M Loadman, William Wilson, Allan Hackshaw, Gregory Seumois, Klaus Okkenhaug, Gareth J Thomas, Terry M Jones, Ferhat Ay, Greg Friberg, Mitchell Kronenberg, Bart Vanhaesebroeck, Pandurangan Vijayanan, Christian H Ottensmeier
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