Aug 5, 2020 // The Atlantic

Immunology Is Where Intuition Goes to Die

Which is too bad because we really need to understand how the immune system reacts to the coronavirus.
Aug 5, 2020 // The San Diego Union-Tribune

Common cold viruses can spark response against the coronavirus, San Diego scientists report

Some people who’ve never been exposed to the novel coronavirus may have protection against it, but that is far from certain
Aug 5, 2020 // Reuters

Convalescent plasma lowers COVID-19 death risk; exposure to common cold may limit disease severity

Convalescent plasma lowers COVID-19 death risk
Aug 4, 2020 // Cell

Exposure to common cold coronaviruses can teach the immune system to recognize SARS-CoV-2

Researchers caution: It is too soon to say whether pre-existing immune cell memory affects COVID-19 clinical outcomes
Aug 3, 2020

La Jolla Institute for Immunology Receives $1 Million from GHR Foundation in Support of COVID-19 Research