La Jolla Institute frequently engages with life sciences companies and boasts a number of partnerships across many research areas. The collaborations range in depth and breadth depending on mutual interests. Whether with a U.S. subsidiary of a Japanese pharmaceutical dedicated to developing novel therapies for inflammation and autoimmunity to a small biotech company leveraging La Jolla Institute’s expertise to enable the company’s endeavor, the impact of La Jolla Institute’s study of the immune system extends beyond the laboratory.

Kyowa Hakko

La Jolla Institute’s signature partnership with Kyowa Kirin is the longest academic-industry collaboration in the world. Throughout the 28-year history, the partnership has provided a mutually beneficial scientific exchange of knowledge, expertise and resources to support biomedical research, and through this exchange, a number of La Jolla Institute’s technologies have entered into Kyowa Kirin’s R&D pipeline and human clinical studies. The partnership was recently extended through 2018.


A number of La Jolla Institute’s discoveries around Tumor Necrosis Factors have been partnered with major pharmaceutical companies. Some of the partnerships have been announced by press releases: CD40, LIGHT (Sanofi Aventis, Medgenics)and OX40L.

Outside of the Tumor Necrosis Factor family, several technologies are in early stage and clinical development through partnerships with various pharmaceutical companies.


La Jolla Institute’s scientific researchers have extensive knowledge and understanding of the immune system and human disease. Publications of research findings and technologies in high impact journals often attract companies to work with La Jolla Institute. La Jolla Institute has numerous partnerships with companies to enable the development of their technologies.


As a biomedical research organization, La Jolla Institute discoveries are often nascent and require cultivation. Determination, expertise, and experience are attributes of successful innovators driving devices, products, and therapies into the market place, and La Jolla Institute connects with seasoned entrepreneurs and investors to help lay the foundation for new companies.

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