LIFE WITHOUT DISEASE is a pursuit that requires a continually expanding understanding of the immune system, and the ability to translate knowledge and discoveries developed in scientific research into technologies that improve life and health. To best reach these goals, Technology Development focuses on:

Expanding Understanding of the Immune System. The team works closely with La Jolla Institute scientists to enable access to research tools and technologies essential for biomedical experimentation, and ensure intellectual property rights are protected to develop the appropriate incentives for commercial development before research results are disseminated for public benefit.

Translating Knowledge and Discoveries. The team regularly connects with industry to build strategic alliances and collaborations supporting La Jolla Institute’s research. The impact of La Jolla Institute’s technologies is not limited to the life sciences alone, and the team works with pharmaceutical and technology companies alike to converge immunology with innovations from other industries for advancing health and wellness. The team actively engages entrepreneurs and members of the investment community to establish new business enterprises to develop novel immunotherapies and other cutting-edge technologies.

Technologies licensed by La Jolla Institute to corporate pharmaceutical partners