Research Centers

Research Centers

La Jolla Institute is home to two research centers and numerous research concentrations that are on the leading edge of tomorrow’s medical treatments. These centers focus the efforts of collaborative groups of researchers on defined areas of inquiry, to accelerate progress toward the development of new treatments and vaccines to prevent and cure type 1 diabetes, cancer and infectious disease.

From The Lab

Oct 9, 2020 // Immune Matters

How Pandemics End

Historians of the future, are you reading this? What do the books say about the year 2020?
Oct 9, 2020 // Immune Matters

Up and Coming: Haoyang Li, Ph.D. - An Inspired Vaccine

Postdoc’s new vaccine project combines Ebola and coronavirus expertise
Oct 9, 2020 // Immune Matters

The world goes crazy around you

An oral history of how La Jolla Institute scientists came together against COVID-19
Oct 8, 2020

Daniela Weiskopf Awarded $1.4 million to Study COVID-19 in Latino Americans

New funding from the National Cancer Institute will let scientists get “whole picture” of the immune response
Oct 6, 2020 // Cell

Every COVID-19 case seems different. These scientists want to know why.

Scientists in the U.S. and U.K. publish first in-depth look at how CD4+ T cells fight SARS-CoV-2