La Jolla Institute’s community lecture series “Life Without Disease” provides San Diegans with an opportunity to hear about the latest advances in immune research and learn first-hand about the exciting research conducted at the Institute. The seminars are delivered by leading figures in immunology and are offered at no charge to the public several times each year.

Past Seminars

Mar 2023
Uncovering the roles of T cells in neurodegenerative diseases

LJI Research Assistant Professor Cecilia Lindestam Arlehamn, Ph.D., investigates how the immune system’s T cells may contribute to Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, and even long COVID. Her research has revealed how T cells can target vulnerable neurons in patients with Parkinson’s disease, potentially driving disease onset. Her recent work centers on the question: Could inflammatory T cells lead to ALS and long COVID symptoms as well? Dr. Lindestam Arlehamn will share her findings so far and the next steps in her quest to help patients with these diseases.

Nov 2022
How the Immune System “Sniffs” out Disease

Please join us for an engaging presentation on the latest progress in medical research and stay for a lively reception on LJI’s back patio.

Oct 2019
Personalized cancer vaccines: Enabling the cure from within

On a molecular level, no two tumors are alike. Dr. Stephen Schoenberger will discuss how personalized cancer vaccines use these differences to mobilize the immune system against cancer cells.

Jun 2019
Dengue and Zika immunity: a complicated relationship

Life Without Disease Seminar

Mar 2019
When your body turns against you

Life Without Disease Seminar

Oct 2018
From cause to cure: Striking the right cord in type 1 diabetes research

Life Without Disease Seminar

Mar 2018
Battle of the ages: Vaccine scientists versus HIV and influenza

Life Without Disease Seminar