The continuous training of our Postdoctoral fellows is key to advancing La Jolla Institute for Immunology’s research focus, and furthering the talent pool in the biomedical research field in San Diego and beyond. Postdoctoral training is a time when new scientists polish their skills and methods before striking out on their own as independent researchers.


At the La Jolla Institute, the intense collaboration between our faculty members and their post-docs is an unparalleled experience and opportunity. Post-docs participate in weekly seminars to discuss their research path and findings, and engage in daily discussions and laboratory training. While not yet a formalized curriculum, our post-docs excel through a variety of training opportunities provided by the institute, the LJI Postdoc Association and their mentors.


Our alumni regularly embark on successful academic careers and become leaders in the field of immunology, and continue their collaboration long after they have left the Institute. According to one alumnus, “I am proud to be associated with [the La Jolla Institute for Immunology], which was so instrumental in helping launch not only my own career, but those of many other immunologists.”

Currently, postdocs that are engaged in cutting-edge research at the La Jolla Institute include majority and underrepresented minority US citizens and citizens of over 20 different countries, creating a culturally diverse and scientifically vibrant community.