Your Support Is Crucial

Federal support is essential for biomedical research. However, many of the greatest leaps in scientific understanding have been propelled by contributions from individuals who support the passionate vision of scientists who pursue paths less traveled but paved with promise.

Your donations are the catalyst for many of our scientists’ most groundbreaking projects that are most likely to lead to major advances in health. Major advances in medicine, including the effort to develop a vaccine for polio, were initially funded not by government grants but by private individuals.

La Jolla Institute seeks gifts of all sizes to support promising scientific ventures aimed at making a profound impact on public health. These gifts of unrestricted funds help drive exciting research projects that are not always recognized by federal agencies facing strict limitations on the risks they can take, and drawn-out funding schedules.

Your generosity turns curiosity into hope.

Giving Opportunities

In addition to giving wherever most needed and supporting specific research focuses, donors can also contribute to Institute programs and collaborations.

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Ways to Give

There are a range of ways to make your strategic philanthropic investment in the Institute's research - from contributions of cash, to donations through donor advised funds, to planned gifts, among many others.

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The 2020 CARES Act offers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to make transformative philanthropic gifts with significant tax benefits to you and your family.

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Why I Give: Barbara Donnell

For Barbara Donnell, La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI) has always been a place for inspiration and collaboration. The San Diego philanthropist and fundraiser has enjoyed attending events, learning about research, and getting acquainted with staff and scientists over the years.

Why I Give: David Anderson

Day after day, William “Bill” Brown makes the world go round. Known around town as the “carousel guy”, Bill has operated the carousel in San Diego’s Balboa Park since 1972.

Why I Give: Neal Roberts and Hal Nathan

Neal Roberts and Hal Nathan, Ph.D., have been friends since 1964, when they first ran into each other in the dorms at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Since then, they’ve grown their businesses, traveled together, and joined forces to donate to important causes.

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