Cockroach Allergy:
The Sette lab is working to identify the sites on allergen molecules that
trigger an inflammatory immune response. This effort includes research into cockroach allergy,
which is a major contributor to asthma development in urban settings. As part of a large NIH-
funded effort to develop immunotherapies for this allergy (the Inner City Asthma Consortium, or
ICAC), the Sette lab has identified dominant epitopes to characterize T cell responses in allergic
individuals before and after immunotherapy and decipher mechanisms of action.

Allergy Seasonality:
In a large effort supported by a consortium grant from NIAID, the Sette
group is collaborating with the Peters and Vijayanand labs to test the hypothesis that different
stages (in-season versus out-of-season), types (rhinitis versus asthma), and severities of
allergic disease are associated with not only differential magnitude of T cell responses, but also
distinctive patterns in terms of the T cell subsets involved and their interactions. This work
focuses on three important allergens, namely timothy grass, house dust mite (HDM), and cat
dander. One set of these studies is characterizing responses in moderate/severe and mild
asthmatics, and contrast them with those observed in non-asthmatic individuals suffering from
allergic rhinitis. To examine the effect of seasonality, we are comparing T cell responses both
in- and out-of-season between allergic and non-allergic individuals.

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