T cell biology and Asthma


The Vijayanand lab employs genomic and epigenomic tools to understand the molecular basis of asthma, making key contributions in understanding the immunological basis of asthma, including identifying CCR4 as a key chemokine receptor that regulates recruitment of T cells to the human asthmatic airways. Additionally, they clarified the role of iNKT cells in human asthma by carefully enumerating cell numbers in airway samples from asthma and COPD patients. Then, the lab applied epigenetic tools to identify genetic variants linked to asthma pathogenesis. More recently, the Vijayanand lab found key features in allergen- reactive T cells that confer protection or drive pathogenesis in asthma.


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San Diego Team Asthma Management using Phenotypes (STAMP)

LJI Epitope Validation Center: Characterization of epitope-specific T cells responding to food, fungal and inner-city allergens

NIH/NIAID, R01AI121426
Epigenome-wide association study of childhood asthma

NIH/NHLBI, R01HL114093
Epigenetics of severe asthma