The Tullie and Rickey Families Spark Awards Program

The Tullie and Rickey Families SPARK Awards provide flexible start-up funding that enables LJI’s early career investigators to act on their promising projects for bold new approaches to diagnoses, treatments, and possibly even cures for diseases that afflict us today.

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Center for Precision Immunotherapy

In collaboration with La Jolla Institute for Immunology, the San Diego Center for Precision Immunotherapy (SDCPI) was established as an academic center at UC San Diego Health in June of 2017 in an effort to make personalized cancer immunotherapy available to all patients, regardless of what cancer they are facing.

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SURGE Program

The LJI SURGE Program features projects that have a strong translational opportunity but need funding to bridge the gap from discovery to clinical trials/market. Philanthropic support for the SURGE fund or a specific SURGE projects gives donors the opportunity to directly contribute to bringing discoveries closer to patients.

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