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Memory T cells in latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection are directed against three antigenic islands and largely contained in a CXCR3+CCR6+ Th1 subset
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Immunogenic peptides can be detected in whole gluten by transamidating highly susceptible glutamine residues: implication in the search for gluten-free cereals
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A comparison of epitope repertoires associated with myasthenia gravis in humans and nonhuman hosts
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Broad and cross-clade CD4(+) T-cell responses elicited by a DNA vaccine encoding highly conserved and promiscuous HIV-1 M-group consensus peptides
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Memory CD8+ T cells specific for a single immunodominant or subdominant determinant induced by peptide-dendritic cell immunization protect from an acute lethal viral disease
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Polyfunctional CD4(+) T cell responses to immunodominant epitopes correlate with disease activity of virulent salmonella
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