Jan 1, 2012 Human Immunology
Toxoplasma gondii HLA-B*0702-restricted GRA7 (20-28) peptide with adjuvants and a universal helper T cell epitope elicits CD8(+) T cells prodicing interferon-γ and resuces parasite burden in HLA-B*0702 mice
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Jan 1, 2012 Clinical and Experimental Immunology
Immunology in the clinic review series; focus on host responses: T cell responses to herpes simplex viruses
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Dec 1, 2011 BMC Bioinformatics
Cost sensitive hierarchial document classification to triage Pubmed abstracts for manual curation
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Dec 1, 2011 Immunogenetics
The role of MHC class I allele manu-A*07 during SIV(mac)239 infection
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Nov 1, 2011 Journal of Immunological Methods
Applications for T-cell epitope queries and tools in the Immune Epitope Database and Anaylsis Resource
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Nov 1, 2011 Journal of Virology
Human CD8+ and CD4+ T cell memort to LCMV infection
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Nov 1, 2011 Immunome Research
A computational pipeline to generate MHC binding motifs
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Oct 1, 2011 Journal of Immunology
Insights into HLA-restricted T cell responses in a novel mouse model of dengue virus infection point toward new implications for vaccine design
Weiskopf D, Yauch LE, Angelo MA, John DV, Greenbaum JA, Sidney J, Kolla RV, De Silva AD, de Silva AM, Grey H, Peters B, Shresta S, Sette A
Oct 1, 2011 Hepatology
Human leukocyte antigen B27 selects for rare escape mutations that significantly impair hepatitis C virus replication and require compensatory mutations
Neumann-Haefelin C, Oniangue-Ndza C, Kuntzen T, Schmidt J, Nitschke K, Sidney J, Caillet-Saaguy C, Binder M, Kersting N, Kemper MW, Power KA, Ingber S, Reyor LL, Hills-Evans K, Kim AY, Lauer GM, Lohmann V, Sette A, Henn MR, Bressanelli S, Thimme R, Allen TM
Sep 1, 2011 Journal of Virology
Targeting OX40 promotes lung resident memory CD8 T cell populations that protect against respiratory poxvirus infection
Salek-Ardakani S, Moutaftsi M, Sette A, Croft M
Sep 1, 2011 Journal of Virology
High-functional-avidity cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses to HLA-B-restricted gad-derived epitopes associated with relative HIV control
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Aug 1, 2011 Journal of Medical Primatology
SIV-infected Chinese-origin rhesus macaques express specific MHC class I alleles in either elite controllers or normal progressors
Wambua D, Henderson R, Solomon C, Hunter M, Marx P, Sette A, Mothe BR