Apr 1, 2014 Immune Network
HVEM is a TNF receptor with multiple regulatory roles in the mucosal immune system
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Distinct requirements of activation of NKT and NK cells during viral infection
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Immunology: oiling the wheels of autoimmunity
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Escherichida coli infection induces autoimmune cholangitis and anti-mitochondrial antibodies in (NOD).B6 (Idd10/Idd18) mice
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Autoimmunity-associated LYP-W620 does not impair thymic negative selection of autoreactive T cells
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Helicobacter pylori cholesteryl α-glucosides contribute to its pathogenicity and immune response by natural killer T cells
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BTLA interaction with HVEM expressed on CD8(+) T cells promotes survival and memory generation in response to a bacterial infection
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Production of α-galactosylceramide by a prominent member of the human gut microbiota
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A ‘GEM’ of a cell
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Targeted delivery of lipid antigen to macrophages via the CD169/sialoadhesin endocytic pathway induces robust invariant natural killer T cell activation
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