Oct 1, 2013 PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
Identification of conserved and HLA promiscuous DENV3 T-cell epitopes
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HLA shared epitope and ACPA: just a marker or an active player?
Pratesi F, Petit Teixeira E, Sidney J, Michou L, Puxeddu I, Sette A, Cornelis F, Migliorini P
Sep 1, 2013 Immunology
CD4(+) T cell inhibitory ligands: a tool for characterizing dysfunctional CD4(+) T cells during chronic infection
Dow C, Henderson R, Sette A, Mothé BR
Sep 1, 2013 PLoS One
Correction: unexpected diversity of cellular immune responses against Nef and Vif in HIV-1-infected patients who spontaneously control viral replication
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CE8+ T-cell epitope mapping for pneumonia viurs of mice in H-2b mice
Walsh KB, Sidney J, Welch M, Fremgen DM, Sette A, Oldstone MB
Aug 1, 2013 PLoS Pathogens
Local CD4 and CD8 T-cell reactivity to HSV-1 antigens documents broad viral protein expression and immune competence in latently infected human trigeminal ganglia
van Velzen M, Jing L, Osterhaus AD, Sette A, Koelle DM, Verjans GM
Jul 15, 2013 Journal of Immunology
Cutting edge: prolonged exposure to HIV reinforces a poised epigenetic program for PD-1 expression in virus-specific CD8 T cells
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Relation of HLA class I and II supertypes with spontaneous clearance of hepatitis C virus
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Increased CD8+ T cell responses to apoptotic T cell-associated antigens in multiple sclerosis
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Association of HLA-DRB1-restricted CD4(+) T cell responses with HIV immune control
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Jun 1, 2013 Malaria Journal
Identification of minimal human MHC-restricted CD8+ T-cell epitopes within the plasmodium falciparum circumsporozoite protein (CSP)
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