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Drug hypersensitivity caused by alteration of the MHC-presented self-peptide repertoire
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Beyond HLA-A*0201: new HLA-transgenic nonobese diabetic mouse models of type 1 diabetes identify the insulin C-peptide as a rich source of CD8+ T cell epitopes
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Polyfunctional type-1, -2, and -17 DC8(+) T cell responses to apopototic self-antigens correlate with the chronic evolution of hepatitis C virus infection
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Identification of the peptide-binding motif recognized by the pigtail macaque class I MHC molecule Mane-A1*082:01 (Mane A*0301)
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Effect of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) susceptibility genes on the immune response to viral citrullinated peptides in RA
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A shared MHC supertype motif emerges by convergent evolution in macaques and mice, but is totally absent in human MHC molecules
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Dissecting mechanisms of immunodominance to the common tuberculosis antigens ESAT-6, CFP1-, Rv2031c (hspX), Rv2654c (TB7.7), and Rv1038c (EsxJ)
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Immunogenicity and cross-reactivity of a representative ancestral sequence in hepatitis C virus infection
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Spleen cells from young but not old immunized mice eradicate large established cancers
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Detection of an autoreactive T-cell population within the polyclonal repertoire that undergoes distinct autoimmune regulator (Aire)-mediated selection
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Antigen-specific acquired immunity in human brucellosis: implications for diagnosis, prognosis, and vaccine development
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