Apr 12, 2022 Immune Matters
Amazing mucosa

“The whole mucosal immune system is so fascinating. It has to operate in an environment of extremes.”

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Apr 23, 2021 Immune Matters
Learning from men. Learning from women.

Men and women have different immune systems. With a better understanding of sex-specific immune differences, scientists can more effectively fight infections, cancers, heart disease, and even pregnancy complications.

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Myers Lab Laboratory for Immunochemical Circuits
Sam Myers, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Laboratory for Immunochemical Circuits

Samuel Myers, Ph.D., studies the signaling circuits that drive the behavior of individual immune cells and ultimately orchestrate systemic immune responses.

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T Cells

T cells are central to almost all immune responses. The CD4 subset is capable of directing B cell responses and

The Contribution of Central and/or Peripheral Tolerance in Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease (CD) is an autoimmune-like inflammatory disease induced by aberrant immune responses initiated by MHC class II restricted CD4

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