Understanding autoimmune disease and underexplored sex-based differences are critical for finding the longterm solutions to these oftentimes chronic conditions.

La Jolla Institute for Immunology and Women’s Health Access Matters® (WHAM) have developed an informational resource delving into the impacts of sex-based differences on autoimmune disease. The brief, easy-to-understand e-guide provides a comprehensive overview of this imperative area of research that has been historically overlooked.

After many years without receiving much consideration, immunologists are increasingly turning their attention to sex-based differences in the immune system. While these differences are especially apparent in autoimmune disease, they have also been observed in other diseases, such as COVID-19. The questions of where these differences originate and how they manifest in health and disease are now being explored by the pioneering experts at La Jolla Institute, as part of their committed pursuits of Life Without Disease®.

As the prevalence of autoimmune disease continues to increase and the potential impacts of viral infections on autoimmune health are becoming an increasing concern since the COVID-19 pandemic began, understanding autoimmune disease and influencing variables is more important than ever.

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