La Jolla Institute honored by Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

LA JOLLA, CA—La Jolla lnstitute for Allergy and Immunology was honored for its outstanding diabetes research at this year’s JDRF Promise Ball. The annual event raises awareness and funds for Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) research and celebrates the progress JDRF is making toward finding a cure for T1D.

“I can say with conviction that our mission and yours are the same: end Type 1 Diabetes and nothing short of a cure will suffice. And while we should recognize and celebrate technologies that greatly improve quality of care, the finish line is preventing type 1 diabetes, full stop,” said Dr. Stephen Wilson, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, who accepted the award on behalf of La Jolla Institute. “Life Without Diabetes will not come easy, but it must not escape us forever. As scientists, clinicians, parents and friends, we owe our families nothing less.”

LJI and JDRF share a long and successful history. JDRF has been a loyal supporter of T1D research in the lab of LJI professor Matthias von Herrath, MD, who directs the Institute’s Type 1 Diabetes Center. Recognized as a leading T1D expert, Dr. Von Herrath is particularly interested understanding why and how the disease develops and in developing immune-based interventions to treat the underlying causes and thus cure T1D.

La Jolla Institute has hosted the local JDRF chapter’s annual “Meet the Scientists” Day, which brings together researchers and people with T1D for a lively and educating event. Each year, a few hundred guests get to meet scientists in their natural laboratory habitat and learn more about the latest T1D research happening at LJI and elsewhere.