The inside of an LJI lab often looks very similar: highly dedicated scientists spending long hours in pursuit of discovering an answer to their questions. This level of concentration and focus will inevitably pull a researcher into a world of their own as they navigate the complex universe that is our immune system. That is why in 2017 LJI worked directly with Linus Bike to help expand the LJI Bike Share Program.

When Linus Bike became aware of LJI’s mission of “Life Without Disease,” the company wanted to show their support by helping to sponsor the bike share program. Cathy Chang, Marketing Director for Linus Bike said, “In our everyday life we take numerous journeys, and we wanted to support the program with the hope that one of their next great ideas would come to them while they are riding a Linus Bike.”

Albin Soares, Director of Research Administration at LJI worked directly with Linus Bike to bring the two new bikes into the Institute. “There are so many little things in life you miss out on when you are in a car. It is great to be able to hop on a bike at work anytime and explore the surrounding area outside of the building. It helps you remember that you are a part of a community and not just in a building that you commute to and from every day,” says Soares.

The program is open to all LJI and KKR employees. Bikes can quickly be reserved at the front desk Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 am-5 pm, and come with a helmet if requested. Best of all, the Linus Bikes come in Large (5’10” and up) and Medium (5’9” and under), and are both painted in LJI blue.

So, if you need a breath of fresh air, lunch on the go, or just a change of scenery with a quiet place to reflect, hop on a Linus Bike. Your next breakthrough is just a ride away!

Takayuki Kimur, Ph.D and Sara McArdle, Ph.D. give the new bikes a spin.