The Sequencing Core will adhere to Guidelines for Expanded Research Mode put forth by the Covid Preparedness Committee (CPC). Additional special considerations pertaining to the Core
which are not specifically contained within will include:

The hierarchy of sample acceptance will be:

1. Internal SARS-CoV-2 samples
2. Internal backlogged samples
3. Internal time-sensitive samples
4. Internal other
5. External samples
a. External samples will be evaluated for acceptance on a case-by-case basis

Samples should be presumed to be infectious and all attempts at mitigating possible biohazardous conditions should be made. There will be a preference for accepting extracted DNA/RNA, lysed cells, fixed cells, or otherwise treated in a manner which minimizes potential exposure to pathogens.

Internal sample/reagent delivery will be made using a dropoff container (at proper temperature). Staff will wear gloves to unbox and proceed by disinfecting all inner containers. All external packaging will be disposed of as soon as possible. Any bench or countertop which has been in contact with any packaging/containers will be disinfected.

Minimum staff required to process urgent or essential samples will be on site and should not exceed the number which can safely and comfortably maintain proper 6ft social distancing.
Functionally, this will not exceed two staff members.

Staff will be on-site for only as long as necessary to perform essential or urgent processing. Any and all work that can be completed from home, should be performed off-site.

Suzanne Alarcon: