Larry S. Spitcaufsky

Mr. Spitcaufsky is the owner and director of Petroleum Technologies Inc. (PTI), a crude petroleum and natural gas company in Kansas City, Missouri. He is also the founder and Chairman of Hootwinc, LLC., which operates as a restaurant franchisee in California, Oregon and Washington. Mr. Spitcaufsky was previously rhe Chairman of the Board and owner of Arrow Truck Sales in Kansas City, North America’s leading source of pre-owned heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks. Co-founded in 1950 by his father, Melvin Spitcaufsky, Arrow Truck Sales started as a small used truck business and became the largest dealership of its kind before it was sold to the Volvo Truck Corporation in 1998.

Mr. Spitcaufsky has expanded into wide-ranging investments, selling his chain of convenience stores to Circle K, investing in real estate, starting PTI to drill for oil and gas, and becoming majority owner of a chain of 16 Southern California restaurants. He has served as a Board member and partner of Star Fuel Mart and on the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club governing Board and its Finance Committee.