• 1. Face masks must be worn at all times (in addition to other regular PPE). Please reuse face-masks and use the UV lightbox to sanitize after entering the vivarium. The UV light box and use instructions are posted in the vivarium entryway
  • 2. Please practice physical distancing to the best of your ability:
  • a. Book workstations and anesthesia machines
  • b. Coordinate with other lab members so no increased density in the rooms (there should be no more than 2 people in a room at any time)
  • c. DLAC are usually complete by 2pm so if possible plan entry for after this time

  • 3. The moratorium on breeding will be lifted effective May 4th. All breeding will resume for animals that were considered non-critical. DLAC will inform you via the investigator notification system when your litter is 28 days old. There will be 3 days to wean the cage(s).
  • 4. Animal ordering will resume the week of May 4th for delivery the week of May 11th.
  • Animals can be received into Quarantine the week of May 11th.
  • Animals can be transferred to external institutes the week of May 11th if all MTA documents are in place.
  • Please check if you have any pending animal orders in eSirius and confirm if it is still needed.
  • Submit a change request or cancel the order.
  • 5. Chronic health issue treatments will be resumed by DLAC health technicians, e.g. antibiotic water, nail trims, teeth trims, etc.
  • 6. Please clean all work areas thoroughly after use using the approved disinfectant.
  • 7. The Transnetyx tag station is open for use. Submit samples in the usual manner.
  • 8. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact DLAC management.

    – Morag Mackay: morag@lji.org / 858-752-6571