Past issues

Fall, 2022
Academic Nomads

LJI stands out as a truly international Institute.

What brings great minds in immunology to our laboratories? International researchers share their stories.

Spring, 2022

Take a look down our hallways and through our microscopes with the latest issue of Immune Matters.

This new issue features an inside look at the intense day-to-day work of the LJI Clinical Core staff and scientists. Their efforts fuel COVID-19 research, Parkinson’s studies and much more.

Spring, 2021
Learning from men. Learning from women.

Men and women have different immune systems. With a better understanding of sex-specific immune differences, scientists can more effectively fight infections, cancers, heart disease, and even pregnancy complications.

Spring, 2020
Know Your Enemies

They help us digest food, balance our immune system, and keep our hearts and brains healthy. But harmful viruses and bad bacteria can creep in at any time.

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